A Message For You

How many of us truly know about pre-colonial Ancient African History and culture?

Why do these stories matter?

Our stories influence how we understand and think about ourselves, affecting how we interact with others and the world.

Often Africa is misrepresented with a shallow narrative. Mainstream and formal educational systems do not provide a truthful and holistic picture of the African continent.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we share and learn the broader millennia of African history and navigate the critical narratives, symbols, and heroes to instill a sense of pride and appreciation among the children.

Parents, you must be intentional about telling the full pre-colonial story of our history.

If : 

1. You are not confident that you can tell pre-colonial Ancient African stories effectively to your kids,

            2. You do not know much about Ancient African, and

            3. You are looking for fun ways for you and your kids to learn about ancient, you are not alone, but you are in the right place.

              One of the very best things you can do is expose your child to as much of the stories you want them to connect with and learn as much as possible.

              We believe that visual learning is a great way for children to consume and retain these incredible stories of Ancient African history and culture.

              With a continually expanding library of entertaining and enchanting stories, we take children into a beautiful world of discovery and learning.

              As we introduce your little one(s) to ancient African history, we would love to introduce you to these stories too.

              We have made available adults' versions of the stories.

              That way, when you listen to the stories, you are sharing experiences.

              You and the kids are together in your journey through the story's ups and downs and in all the robust discussions you may have along the way.

              Storytellers have been the keepers of our ancient secrets charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the cultures and customs that make us who we remain alive—fitting for a time when such things were not written but spoken in words.

              BUT the truth is our old ways are getting lost in a new world.

              We hope through these stories, you discover or rediscover the love for oral storytelling that you pick up this mantle and keep the stories of our ancestors alive in our digital age.