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What is Yuniya?

YUNIYA is a subscription-based website created to inspire children to learn about pre-colonial Ancient Africa.

At Yuniya, our mission is simple.

To create a space where children of African descent and other interested parties can connect and learn about pre-colonial Africa in an engaging and fun format.

We bring pre-colonial Africa to life through incredible animated read-aloud fun stories.

The stories are in a bite-sized consumable format, presented with the story's core ideas and concepts, easy for children to absorb and learn about ancient Africa at a time when their little brains are hardwired to remember.

We believe that visual learning is a great way for children to consume and retain these incredible stories of Ancient African history and culture.

With our catalogue of stories, parents can now spend less time looking for information online about Ancient Africa and also get rid of information overwhelm.

With a continually expanding library of entertaining and enchanting stories, we take children into a beautiful world of discovery.


Why do these stories matter?

Our stories influence how we understand and think about ourselves, affecting how we interact with others and the world.

Often Africa is misrepresented with a shallow narrative. Mainstream and formal educational systems do not provide a truthful and holistic picture of the African continent.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we share the broader millennia of African history and navigate the critical narratives, symbols, and heroes to instil a sense of pride and appreciation among the children.


Our Why

Our focus is on inspiring children, community impact, collaboration, and profound personal growth.

> We tell these stories from an African narrative to promote Africa's beauty, diversity, and zing.

> We tell these stories to preserve Africa's rich history and culture in the digital age through digital archives.

> We tell these stories to disseminate knowledge about the continent.

> We also support independent African artists in our community through Revenue from your subscription. All content on YUNIYA is a result of a collaboration between us and Independent animators and artists.

Our intention is not to reconstruct the past but locate and reflect on that past in the present context. We create these videos with a sense of optimism and hope to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of Ancient Africa and engage in conversations about it.

Welcome to YUNIYA.

Ancient African stories brought to life.