What do we do at Yuniya? 

Africa has a vibrant theme of storytelling. 
These stories whisk you away on a journey. From mountain caves to treetops, the land to the open sea, and boastful water gods who attempt (and sometimes fail!) to control the stubborn seas.

YUNIYA IS a space where children of African descent and other interested parties can connect, discover and explore African stories in an engaging and entertaining format.
The stories are in a bite-sized consumable format, animated and presented with the story's core ideas and concepts, easy for children to absorb.

Our Collection
The story themes are around four key elements that comprise the four classical elements recognised from ancient times across cultures.
These four elements sustain our planet: water, earth, air and fire.
Each story brings us closer to the natural world.
Each having its magic and power, the stories provide a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary planet we all call home.
The stories tell of the world's creation and origins, the adventures of myths and legends, and kingdoms and empires' formation.
The tales of man and animals, love and loss. Of courage and fear, and satisfying curiosity.
The stories speak of the mysteries of Nature—Why bats only come out at night, why the fish live in the sea, and why the elephant has a long trunk.

In the same way, trees of the same species are communal and often form alliances with trees of other species, living together in cooperative, interdependent relationships; The stories come together in this collection to enhance and explain reality.


Why do these stories matter?

Stories enable us to think imaginatively about our reality, stimulate creative thought and encourage imagination.
Storytelling is also an important and powerful way of disseminating ideas, customs, and histories.

The myths and legends and folktales of Africa are woven out of the human experience and the universal need to create worldly order. 

These tales are about reflecting on the relations of humans between one another and the relation of humans to the animal world. 

We hope that these adventures will inspire children to:

Think a little more deeply about our world and learn about cross-cultural connections.

We envision these stories continuing beyond spaces:

Into libraries and classrooms, and playgrounds.

Into homes.

Into children's conversations.

Into children's storytime.

In a century marred by; climate change, deforestation, pollution and food shortages, we must cherish stories celebrating our miraculous natural environment.


Our Why

Our stories influence how we understand and think about ourselves, affecting how we interact with others and the world.
Our focus is on inspiring children, community impact, collaboration, and profound personal growth.

>We tell these stories to enable us to think imaginatively about our reality.

We tell these stories from an African narrative to promote Africa's beauty, diversity, and zing.

> We tell these stories to preserve Africa's stories in the digital age through digital archives.

We tell these stories to disseminate knowledge and ideas.

> We also support independent African artists in our community through Revenue from your subscription. All content on YUNIYA is a result of a collaboration between us and Independent animators and artists.

Our intention is not to reconstruct the past but locate and reflect on that past in the present context.

Welcome to YUNIYA.

Ancient African stories brought to life.