African Mythology And The Environment

Since ancient times, the African oral storytelling tradition has been rooted in the natural world and woven from the human experience.

In this project, children, caregivers and parents will discover chosen African mythologies with diverse narratives and ancient wisdom, offering unique and varied perspectives that can simplify and enrich the climate conversation and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

From these stories of intersectionality, we learn the importance of an intricate balance between people and the world.

Through these tales, children, parents, and caregivers will also learn about other ecosystems, the people who live in these areas, how our actions impact their daily lives and how we can act as pillars for the future.

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Intergenerational Learning

Architecture Construction And The Environment

What we build, why we build, and how we build.

In this series, we look at building traditions in African Architecture that are as important today as they were centuries ago.

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