The range of Ancient African stories is endless!


We give busy parents like you a plan to give your kids the advantages of learning about Ancient Africa at a time when their little brains are hardwired to learn through fun and engaging resources every single week. 

Now you can spend less time looking for information online and also get rid of information overwhelm.


We have made available stories for parents in audio and visual Art. The stories are part of a series called Objects and connections, creating a Family at-home storytime, bringing the family together.


These stories tell of the world's creation and origins, the adventures of myths and legends, and kingdoms and empires' formation.
The tales of man and animals, love and loss. Of courage and fear, of dance and games, entertainment, and satisfying curiosity.
The stories speak of the mysteries of Nature—Why bats only come out at night, why the fish live in the sea, and why the elephant has a long trunk.


The stories express notions of right and wrong that may fall below today’s standards. However, at the heart of these stories is the passing of traditions and ideas and ideals of good and evil, justice and forgiveness, codes of behaviour, and social order.


Through these stories, we find, on the one hand, the discourses of our differences and, on the other, Africa's common origin, interdependence, and unity.