Fairy Tales and Nature Trails

Join us on this whimsical journey with the Aziza Fairies, the guardians of nature.

This unique programme takes children on an enchanting adventure that intertwines nature exploration and imaginative play.

It is designed to ignite children's deep love for the Earth and nurture their inner Aziza fairy spirit.

We invite your child or children to embark on a magical journey of discovery, where they will explore the wonders of nature, spread kindness, and ignite their imagination.

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How it works

The program is designed to be accessible, engaging, and adaptable to school and home environments. It offers a holistic experience where children can learn, grow, and explore through nature-based learning and creative play.

Week One

Embracing Nature and Creativity

Introduction to Fairies and Nature Guardians.

Objective: Introduce kids to the concept of fairies as guardians of nature and emphasize the importance of caring for the earth and its animals. 

Week Two

Kindness and Joy

The objective is for children to understand the importance of Kindness and empathy and appreciate the impact of their actions.

Week Three


Children go on colour hunts, cloud hunts, story hunts, colouring activities, discovery and lots more. All they need is their imagination.

Week Four


Join us for a dazzling Disco, the grand finale of our enchanting four-week programme!

After weeks of magical adventures and fun activities, we celebrate with a Dazzling Disco. Put on your sparkling fairy wings, dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready to groove.


We recognise the challenges communities face. Family complexities, in particular, may further hinder children from participating in the activities. To address these issues, we've developed a focus group where we conduct one-to-one sessions with children.

This initiative aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to connect with nature, regardless of their circumstances. If you feel this would help you, contact us to learn more.

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